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Digital Marketing Automation
Operations Automation
AI Content Creation
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Traditional SEO Audit

Dive deep into your website’s technical and on-page SEO with our Traditional SEO Audit. This comprehensive audit covers keyword optimization, site architecture analysis, backlink profile review, and on-page elements optimization to improve your search engine rankings.

Starting at $299
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Elevate your website with our E-E-A-T SEO Audit, aligning with Google's latest framework. This audit goes beyond traditional SEO by assessing Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of your website. It includes content quality analysis, author credentials verification, reputation assessment, and trustworthiness evaluation to enhance your site's credibility and ranking.

Starting at $499
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Digital Marketing Automation
Website Automation

Ideal For: Businesses seeking to streamline website management and enhance user experience. Automating content updates, user account management, and form submissions.

Starting at $200
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Email Marketing Automation

Ideal For: Businesses aiming to personalize customer communication and increase email marketing ROI. Creating automated email campaigns based on user actions, segmenting email lists, and performance tracking.

Starting at $250
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E-Commerce Process Automation

Ideal For: E-commerce sites needing efficient handling of orders, inventory, and customer relations. Streamlining order processing, inventory management, and customer feedback collection.

Starting at $350
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Operations Automation
Data Entry and Reporting Automation

Ideal For: Organizations requiring regular, accurate reporting and data analysis without manual input. Automating data collection, report generation, and data analysis tasks.

Starting at $200
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CRM Automation

Ideal For: Companies looking to optimize their sales and customer service processes. Automating lead tracking, sales pipeline updates, and customer interaction logs.

Starting at $300
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Workflow Automation for Operations

Ideal For: Companies needing efficient workflow management to improve operational productivity. Streamlining business operations including task assignments, progress tracking, and resource allocation.

Starting at $400
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AI Content Creation

Utilizing AI to create compelling and relevant content across various formats, tailored to enhance your brand's digital presence.

AI-Driven Blog Posts
  • Short-form (up to 500 words): $75 per post
  • Long-form (500-1000 words): $125 per post
  • Detailed Analysis/Technical (1000+ words): $200 per post
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Social Media Content
  • Standard Posts (text only): $30 per post
  • Posts with AI-Generated Graphics: $50 per post
  • Interactive/Engagement Posts (polls, quizzes): $60 per post
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Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Single Email Content: $50 per email
  • Email Series (3-5 emails): $200 per series
  • Newsletter Creation: $150 per newsletter
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Website Content (Rewriting/Creation)
  • Basic Web Page Content: $100 per page
  • Technical/Product Pages: $150 per page
  • Comprehensive Landing Page: $250 per page
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Specialized Content Formats
  • Whitepapers/Reports (per page): $120
  • Custom Projects: Priced based on scope and complexity - contact for quote
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Secret Menu

These services are designed for those who require an extra layer of discretion and expertise. A NDA will be required. Name of referral will help greatly to establish trust. Reach out in person for additional info.

Email Anchor

Your Problem: When you're moving between companies and need to take your vital communications with you, but face strict corporate policies or technical barriers that restrict data transfer.

Digital Sleuthing

Your Problem: Confronted with anonymous online activity that's impacting your business or personal reputation and need to uncover the source behind these digital actions for direct resolution or communication.

Data Harvesting

Your Problem: Need consistent access to specific data from complex websites, but facing challenges due to the technical difficulty of extracting this information regularly and reliably.

Ghostwriter AI

Your Problem: Looking to match the style and flair of popular or influential blog writers, authors, magazine editors, or any other type of writer in your content, but without direct involvement or attribution.

Code Mimic

Your Problem: You need to develop software or write code with functionalities similar to leading applications or other websites, offering a comparable user experience.

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Empowering Small Businesses in the Digital Age

Founded by a fellow small business owner, AskBlixa is born from a genuine understanding of the challenges faced in the digital landscape. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to level the playing field for small businesses, offering them enterprise-level SEO and digital marketing services at an accessible cost.

Utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, AskBlixa delivers top-tier results, rivaling big agencies but without the hefty price tag. Our approach is efficient and effective, leveraging advanced AI algorithms to maximize your marketing budget and achieve:

  • Enhanced online visibility and traffic
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Targeted and data-driven marketing strategies
  • Cost-effective, time-saving solutions

At AskBlixa, we're not just service providers; we're your partners in digital growth. Experience the power of AI-driven digital marketing and watch your business soar. Join us in redefining what's possible for small businesses in the digital world.

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